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Please fill in the details below in order to create your booking appointment. The minimum age for registration is 16, if you are booking on behalf of someone under 16 years of age please register using your own details. If you already have an account please log in and book a second slot.





* Please ensure your email address is valid as it will be used for validation, password resets and other Online Appointments related communication. By submitting my email address and SMS, I consent to receive email and SMS communication from Headwaters Health Care Centre related to my COVID-19 Assessment and associated care. While Headwaters Health Care Centre will use encrypted email to communicate, I understand that email is not a secure method of communication and therefore Headwaters Health Care Centre cannot guarantee the security of messages sent by this method between myself and the hospital. I understand that information contained in email messages may be personal health information which may be used in decisions about my treatment or care and if used for this purpose, will be retained on my health record. If I wish to withdraw my consent to communicate by email, I may do so at any time, but I must do so in writing and ensure all relevant correspondents receive a copy of my withdrawal notice. By providing my email address I declare that I have read this information, understand it and wish to proceed with email communications as outlined above.

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